Choose Artwork that You Love


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Choosing the right art work for your home can be daunting. It’s tempting to go with the generic art that the furniture store has hung next to the new couch and chair set you just purchased. You know the piece hanging in the store goes with your new furniture set, it isn’t offensive to the eyes and the idea of taking the time to find the “right artwork” seems like an arduous task; so why not take the easy way out and just go with what the furniture store suggests? I’ll tell you why not…

The art you choose to hang in your home expresses who you are to your guests. Do you really want to tell your guests that you are generic and boring? I didn’t think so. When you’re choosing the artwork for your home you want to go with pieces that speak to you. If you take a look around our online art gallery you can start to get an idea of what styles really speak to you. We carry museum quality oil paintings to match any aesthetic. On the Oil Paintings Gallery website you’ll find completely hand-painted abstract paintings, famous paintings and many more hand-crafted paintings on canvas in all different styles, colors and sizes. Once you have an idea of what speaks to you, there are quite a few other factors to consider. I’ll lay out a couple of the most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the paintings you’ll hang in your home for at least the next few years.

Color is key, but not necessarily the MOST important factor when choosing the right artwork for your home. You Featured imagewant the color scheme of your painting to complement and enhance the design scheme of the room. One way to do this is to stay in the same color family as the accent pieces of the room. But there is another consideration when it comes to color: you want to choose a color scheme that goes with the vibe of the room. Cool and serene colors like blues and greens are perfect for rooms meant for relaxation, while warmer more welcoming tones are better suited for the entryways and living rooms that greet your guests when they first enter your home.

The room should inform the tone of the artwork. Generally speaking, bolder statement pieces work best in living rooms and lounge-type rooms while more subdued and comforting pieces work best in bedrooms.

Scale is important. You want each piece to match the size and shape of the wall it’s going to hang on. If you have an extra-large wall in need of adornment, don’t be afraid to hang an extra-large painting there. Did you find a few different small pieces that you absolutely love but only have one large blank wall left? Maybe a collage of the different small pieces would work here. Get creative and stay proportionate.

In the end the most important thing to keep in mind is this: You have to look at this artwork day in and day out so make sure you’re buying something you love. The best pieces fit your personality and make you feel good whenever you look at them.


Famous Forgers: John Myatt

At, we’ve assembled perhaps the finest collection of handcrafted oil painting reproductions to be found anywhere on the Internet. When you order an oil painting from us you understand that you are getting a museum-quality reproduction created by hand by one of our world-class artisans. There are times, however, when people are not aware they are purchasing a reproduction…

There are plenty of interesting forgery cases on record but one famous forger who may be fresh in your memory is John Myatt. This contemporary case is particularly interesting because he took his forgery conviction and turned it into a lucrative television career. This British forger began as a legitimate artist and ended up being known as “the biggest art fraud of the 20th century.” He began selling his paintings honestly as “genuine fakes,” and later was approached by one of his clients who told him he could sell his works as originals and make millions. Myatt was quick to go along with this plan—it should be noted, however, that he was also quick to cooperate with the police when he was eventually caught and convicted. According to police estimates, Myatt created and sold around 200 forged paintings in his years in the fraud business.

Since being released from prison, after serving only 4 months of his one year sentence, Myatt has gone on to do many things with his “fame.” He has been the subject of two major TV series, Sky Art’s “Mastering the Art” and “Brush with Fame.” There have also been talks of a film based on his life with the working title “Genuine Fakes.” Myatt has continued to paint commissioned portraits and clear copies and now works alongside law enforcement to help expose frauds. It seems as though Myatt feels remorse for his actions and has no problem being an open book for the world to read and learn from…

Our beautiful reproductions of famous paintings won’t run you the cost of an original, but you’ll be very pleased with the oil painting hanging on your wall. And remember, we do custom paintings as well. Take a look around our page and you’re sure to find something you’ll love!